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<While you are in Japan >

・To change work place
>> Certificate of Authorized Employment
・To change student visa to work visa >> Change Status of Residence
・Setting up your own business >> Business Manager
・To extend visa >>
Extending Period of Stay
・To work part time >> Permission to Engage in Activities …
・To leave Japan temporarily >> Re-entry Permit 
・To invite a family member from home country >> Temporary Visitor
 <Family visas

・When a baby is born in Japan >> Acquisition Status of Residence
・If you marry a Japanese national >> Spouse or Child of Japanese National
・If you divorce a Japanese national >> Long Term Resident

・To invite same-sex marriage partner >> Same-Sex Marriage
   If you are outside Japan  .

・To visit Japan as a tourist>> Temporary Visitor
・To study / work in Japan >> Ceriticate of Eligibility
・To start a business in Japan >> Business Manager
< For company or HR managers >

・To employ a foreign staff in Japan >>  Certificate of Authorized Employment
・To employ a person from overseas >>  Certificate of Eligibiliy 



Complex immigration requirements in Japan

In order to apply for a status of residence in Japan, you are required to collect and submit numerous documents at the immigration office.
Usually their website lists a very brief outline of what is needed.
However, in reality they expect far more substantiation.

Insufficient or improper documentation and misunderstanding of the requirements will end up with denial of the application that will require you more time, money and energy to recover.
Therefore, it is extremely important to present your documents in a correct manner with the initial application.
If you are facing difficulties in preparing Japanese documents or have been denied before and need to know what to do next, ask for our help. We can find the best way to resolve whatever your problems may be.

Why us ? 

●  Specialty
We understand the unspoken rules or methods of the immigration bureau and
are always prepared to the changing immigration laws and regulations.

●  Dedication
We are committed to work closely with you to deliver personalized legal support
in a timely manner.

●  Clarification
We explain what you need to know clearly and thoroughly.

●  Time-saving
By using our services, you are waived to appear personally at the Immigration Bureau and able to eliminate your time and energy for spending a whole day to line up at the immigration counter. 

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