Certificate of Authorized Employment (change workplace)

messy deskRenewing visa becomes more difficult when a foreign resident changes job during his/her period of stay.  You will need to present documents that prove the activities and job responsibilities after change are within the scope of what has been permitted in your status of residence.

Certificate of Authorized Employment will make the process faster and smoother as Minister of Justice certifies the eligibility of the applicant’s activities.
The certificate is issued by Minister of Justice upon request of a foreign resident.  It indicates authorized vocational activities for the applicant.

Considering standard processing duration, it is recommended for someone apply for the certificate whose remaining period of stay is 6 months or more.

It is also suggested for a foreign resident make use of the system for job seeking.
Certificate of Authorized Employment will enable Japanese employers to determine whether permitted activities of the applicant conform to the job responsibilities of the opening position.  It will help both parties avoid conflict arising from mismatching employment.

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