Here are some of the comments from our clients on our services.

I am SO happy to hear that my application has been approved!
I can’t thank you enough for all your help, patience and excellence in your professional work.
Thanks a lot again. Looking forward to meeting you.
– O. S

Dear Asai-san,
Thank you for quickly passing on the good news – I’m really surprised it came so early. It must be thanks to your excellent advice and efficient work! I look forward to seeing you. Thanks again!
– T. D

Fellows Legal Services did an exceptional job helping me navigate thru the VISA process.  Asai-san is honest, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable in the VISA/Immigration process.
She took the time to sit down with me, evaluate my individual situation, and provide me clear and concise guidance on what I needed to do in order to obtain a VISA.  During the application process, she was always available to answer my questions and assist me with completing the required paperwork.
Thanks to her outstanding performance my VISA was approved and I am able to spend an additional six to twelve months in Japan.
I highly recommend Ms. Asai-san if you need assistance with obtaining a VISA or need assistance with immigration to Japan.
– V. S

Dear Asai-san,
Thank you so much for all your help.
You’ve made what would otherwise have been a stressful and complicated procedure very easy and stress-free.
I’m very grateful, and hope you will accept my small gift for your work.
– Steven M. B

I highly recommend Yasuko Asai for assistance with obtaining or changing status of residency in Japan.
In my case, she listened closely to my situation, helped me determine which type of visa would be best, and in the end helped me successfully obtain a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional visa.
The whole process was new to me, and Ms. Asai was very patient, detailed and transparent about all aspects of her services and the immigration procedures.
She was also very responsive to all of my questions and communications, and made very efficient use of my time.
Above all, she clearly cares about her clients and I immediately knew she was someone whom I could trust to work on my behalf for such a critical matter to me.
I will continue to recommend her to anyone I meet in Japan who requires visa assistance, and will use her services again in the future.
– D. L

Thanks in no small part to Yasuko, my permanent residency application was approved without delay.  I couldn’t have navigated the application process in a hundred and one years without her steady support all along the way.
– Paul S.

I was recommended to Yasuko after I had some difficulties with another visa lawyer.  Yasuko was exceptionally professional and her English is excellent.  She is organized and able to handle complex situations with care.
I seek her assistance again in the future if I change my visa and I highly recommend her.
– E. Lyons

Thank you so much Asai-san !
My visa was issued so fast !!
I’m pleasantly surprised and really at a loss for words and cannot thank you enough.
None of these would have been possible if it hadn’t been for your hard work, devotion and outstanding effort.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I will be seeing you soon.
– Z. Shariff

I would recommend Yasuko Asai san to anyone and everyone either you have no idea how to get a business visa or have any other visa issues that she is the best!
Before I had spoken to her I had no hope of getting visa but as soon as I met her I knew that I was going to get it.
With her help I got business visa and icing on that dependent visa for my spouse and two children.
Yasuko san is very precise & intelligent to give you the the right option in order to gain visa approval with her vast experience.
Things were very smooth during the visa process.
Even though I heard there was a possibility for anyone not to get it, I felt very confident to have 100% chance of getting it with the professionalism and the documentations she suggested to prepare.
She does not stop supporting even after getting the visa and helps me continuously !
Best advice I can give you is… be honest with her so she can help you for sure!
– A. Nazar

Fellows Legal Services has helped me a lot in landing back to Japan.
Thay have provided me an excellent service and response, from processing paperworks and inquiries I had.
I’d definiely recommend this company to friends and family members planning to stay in Japan.
Domo Arigatou Yasuko-san.
– Cris M

When I was faced with the difficult and stressful task of needing to change my residency status in Japan, I sought the assistance of Asai-san.
It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Although my immigration situation was very complicated and unique, she demonstrated a complete understanding of the immigration process and showed a deep personal commitment to my case that gave me total confidence in her ability to successfully navigate me through the process.
Her professionalism and expertise are unparalleled.
She worked tirelessly to complete my paperwork and advise me on the steps I needed to take to ensure that my application was successfully adjudicated.
On several occasions, Asai-san even went down to the immigration bureau on my behalf.  Her English was excellent, she was always accessible, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
I would certainly recommend Asai-san to anyone who needs assistance with immigration maters in Japan.
– Sarah H.

When I was at a loss what to do about complicated visa procedure, I was introduced to Ms. Asai by one of my acquaintances. Asai-sensei listened to me very carefully what I intended to do in Japan.  She provided me with appropriate solution for my case, together with detailed explanation on necessary documents and matters I should keep in mind.
Thanks to her advice, I could make it clear what I was really aiming at.  Before I met Asai-sensei I was so anxious about leaving Japan, but now work visa has been granted and I am so relieved.  I am sure I will consult her again whenever necessary.
– Y. Y. K

Thank you very much for providing the correct guidance and helping us on our very complex legal situation.
I recommend Ms. Asai for her excellent counselling and consultation skills especially if you need help in English.
– S. D

It was our wish to start and manage a company in Japan. However, with the daunting task of applying for a business visa, we almost gave up on the process due to the difficulty with understanding the Japanese system and its requirements for a very small company.
As a last chance, we visited Fellows Legal Services for the immigration consultation. Asai-san seemed to understand our specific business need and how to make our application work within the Japanese realm.
She is extremely organised and professional and I felt my information and the documents were safe with her.  She kept us to a strict timeframe to keep the process running smoothly and gentle reminders and full explanations were given where needed.
Her English is excellent and I felt very comfortable dealing with her.
Asai-san was encouraging and kind and motivated us throughout the long, unsure process.
Thanks to her fantastic hard work, my husband was successfully granted business visa and my visa was approved to change from dependent status into a suitable work visa.
I will gradly recommend her services to anyone !
– Christine Lombard

Before I visited Fellows Legal Services, I was really worried about getting the right help fast. I was running out of time on my visa and needed to get things sorted out quickly.
Ms Yasuko Asai was so knowledgeable and she could help with my matter. She did all the paperwork for incorporating my company and getting the correct visa type.
Sometimes, if I forgot something, she remembered and she was always motivating me not to give up.
I can absolutely recommend that anyone, with an immigration or business issue, give her a call.
– Alwyn Hartman