Spouse or Child of Japanese National

flowers & pair of marriage ringsThis status will be granted to

1. a foreigner whose spouse is a Japanese national
2. children adopted by Japanese national (tokubetsu yoshi –  pursuant to the provisions of Article 817-2 of the Civil Code Act No.89 of 1896)
3. those who were born as the children of Japanese nationals

There will be no restrictions on working activities once the status is given to a spouse of a Japanese national.  Residence permission is granted in periods of 6 months or 1, 3 or 5 years and is extendable.


Spouses of foreigners, who are currently staying in Japan under work permitting status, can apply for Dependent visa. 
Unlike spouse of Japanese national, Dependents are not allowed to engage in paid activities unless they get permission from the immigration office.

Possible revocation of the status of residence

If a foreign national staying in Japan with the status of residence of

● Spouse or Child of Japanese National (excluding a child of a Japanese national or a child adopted by Japanese national)
● Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident (excluding a child of a permanent resident, etc.)

has failed to continue to engage in the activity as a spouse for six months or more, Minister of Justice may revoke the status of residence.

*Above excludes the case where the foreign national has a justifiable reason for not engaging in the said activity.

Therefore, it is extremely important to apply for the change of status of residence whenever those matters as the death of Japanese spouse or divorce happen to you.

Documents required :

<spouse of Japanese national>
1. Documents certifying that the person concerned is a spouse of the Japanese national and the copy of his or her resident card.
2. Documents certifying that the profession and the income of the person concerned or his or her spouse.
3. A letter of guarantee by the person living in Japan.

<child or an adopted child of Japanese national>
1. A copy of the family registration of the Japanese national concerned, the birth certificate of the foreign national concerned and other documents certifying the personal relationship between the parent and the child.
2. Documents certifying the profession and the income of the foreign national concerned or his or her father or mother.
3. A letter of guarantee by the Japanese national concerned or another person living in Japan.
If a spouse of Japanese national divorces and loses its status of residence, he/she must report the change to the nearby Immigration Office.

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